Skomer Night Boat Trip August 2013

When we were still in Wales we went on a night boat trip to watch the Manx Shearwaters and Puffins come back in to land on Skomer.

It was really fun, I saw loads of puffins some were really close, some had sand eels in their mouths for their young.

When all the Manx Shearwaters come in, they land on the water in groups it is called rafting. They all fly into land when it is dark in big groups, so they don’t get eaten by the gulls.

I loved Wales, there was loads to see, can’t wait to go back.


Me meeting Martin from Newsround

On Wednesday 29th May I went to the beach to do some filming for Newsround. I met Martin who is the presenter and Rowan, she was the camera lady, they were both really nice and friendly. They filmed a bit at the top of the beach and then we walked down the beach to see what we could find. Rowan filmed us looking for things and Martin Simpson showed us the trace fossils of some dinosaur footprints.

I found some fools gold, a dead black headed gull and a crab claw. The Fools Gold I found was the best I have ever found because it is pure Fools Gold (Pyrites), normally I find it stuck to some fossilized wood.

Then we walked back and Martin the presenter interviewed me and my sister Poppy. We had a great time, the film is going to be on Newsround in July and the interview with me and Poppy is going to be on Newsrounds web page.