How I clean some of my skulls.

In these pictures me and my sister are cleaning up some of the skulls that I collected from Skomer in Wales as well as other skulls I have. Bird skulls are quite fragile so I clean them like this,

  • Normally I would leave the bird outside to de-compose, but the ones I found on Skomer had been eaten by Gulls and had dried in the hot weather, so the feathers were all dry and stuck to the bones.
  • So I soaked them in some boiling water to soften the feathers up, I let them soak for a couple of hours.
  • Then I used tweezers to pull off the feathers.
  • After this I had to let them dry naturally, it took a whole day.
  • I had some glue and stuck the broken bones back to where they were meant to be, then glued the fragile eye socket bone back.
  • I find this interesting as from the skulls you can see if they were a juvenile or adult bird.