Isle of Wight Autumn Walking Festival 2013

On Sunday 27th October 2013 I did a fossil walk for the Autumn walking festival. When everyone had arrived we took a group photo.

We set of on our walk it was really windy and cold, while we where walking to the beach there was a massive hale storm, we all had to face the other way, I got soaking wet. When it stopped we carried on, we had to walk down a long path down to the beach. There was a massive deep puddle at the bottom, so we had to go back to the cars and drive to a different beach.

When we arrived we walked down a small path and managed to get onto the beach. We walked all the way to end which is called Hanover Point, Martin Simpson said who ever finds an Iguanodon footprint the size of your hand or one that you can carry, you can keep it. I didn’t find any but my sister Lily found one. When we where all walking back to the car, I thought I found a footprint  but I don’t think it is! We all had a great time even though we were all wet.

I did a collection for the Godshill RSPCA home we raised £45 they where very pleased. Thank you to every one that came. 😀


2 thoughts on “Isle of Wight Autumn Walking Festival 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    it was good fun even with the rain 🙂

  2. Cesar, Elaine says:

    Brilliant Daisy, sounds like you had fun although you got a little wet! Hope you are well, and keep up the good work. X 🙂

    Kind regards Elaine Elaine Cesar | Senior Events Officer | Events Isle of Wight Council | County Hall | Newport | Isle of Wight PO30 1UD | Tel : (01983) 821000 Ext 6297 | Fax : (01983) 823109 Email : | Web : Autumn Walking Weekend 25 – 28 October 2013 Isle of Wight Walking Festival 3 – 18 May 2014 WINNER – Tourism Excellence SILVER Award for Best Event 2010 WINNER – CIPR GOLD Award for Best Event 2009 WINNER – Tourism ExSELLence SILVER Award for Best Event 2009 ________________________________

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