Common Shrew

A friend bought this shrew down for me because their cat killed it. I decided to preserve it so you can see the whole shrew.

First I had to put it in a jar with methylated spirits for 6 months, this preserves it but you can’t see much because the liquid is purple, so I changed the liquid to vodka after 6 months.
You can see the wound on its side that the cat made, you can even see the shrews whiskers.

I have preserved a dead bat the same way and I will put pictures on in a while.

Common Shrew
Size body: 5.5-9cm, tail 3-6cm
Young: up to four litters of 6-7, April-August
Diet: worms, woodlice, spiders, beetles and other ground living invertebrates and seeds.


Teal Duck

This is the very first taxidermy bird I got, I saved up my pocket money and bought it myself. It was in an old case with other birds, but the case had been broken so the birds got sold one by one. I bought the male Teal duck because I like the pattern and the bird.

About Teal ducks:
They are the smallest common surface feeding duck, they are very agile and quick when they are flying. They are normally in groups of 20-40 along well vegetated or muddy shores and wet marshes.
Nesting: down lined hollow near water; 8-11 eggs;1 brood; April-June.
Weight: 250-400g
Wingspan: 58-64cm
Lifespan: 10-15 years

Well Dressing In My Village

In Whitwell we have an old well that gets decorated once every year, this is called well dressing, it is a traditional Pagan celebration.They have different things on it every year.

This year one of the ladies who decorates it asked me if I had a drawing of the new pterosaur I had found which had been named after me, and was it ok for them to write about me for the well dressing. They copied my drawing using petals from flowers and put other dinosaurs on there as well. First they have to soak the wooden board, then the wet clay is put in and decorate it with flower petals and leaves.

In the photos you can see me standing by the board they decorated. My pterosaur is at the very top of the board, it all looks beautiful.