Blackgang’s dinosaur release

On the 1st August I got invited to Blackgang Chines release of the Dinosaur. They are two big baby T-rex’s, like the ones in the show Walking with Dinosaurs, one is a girl they have called Sheila and the other one is a boy called Shadow. The dinosaurs are fantastic and look real, I really enjoyed seeing them and having my picture taken with them. The photos they took of me with the dinosaurs are to use for advertising, one of them is on Blackgang Chines face book page.

After that I was invited into the park so I could spend the day having fun with my family. There was loads and loads of things to do, but I loved looking at and sitting on the Dinosaurs in the park and the new Dodo land.
Blackgang Chine has been open for 170 years and is Britain’s oldest theme park, the first attraction was the skeleton of a whale that had got washed up on the local beach. I wanted to go and see the whale as I collect bones and skulls and I would probably never be able to get a whale skeleton, but I would love to have one. It was really big and awesome, I have put some pictures on my blog to show you how big it was. The tail had been preserved and it was interesting to read that Alexander Dabell who started Blackgang Chine, found the washed up whale and sold of all the blubber first then bleached the bones and put them on display.


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