Fossil Hunting at Shepherds Chine 2013

I found this Heart Sea Urchin when I had been out fossil hunting. I had been looking on the beach and cliffs but hadn’t found anything until we climbed up the cliff to go home, it was sitting on top of a lump of clay. It’s a really nice one as you can see the star on top and the sea urchins mouth underneath.

It’s proper name is Micraster, which means small star.
It is from Cretaceous – palaeocene, 90-60 million years ago.
My one is 2.6cm length and 2.3cm wide but they can be 5cm big, the smaller ones are rarer to find.
They lived buried in the soft mud of the chalk sea floor.


2 thoughts on “Fossil Hunting at Shepherds Chine 2013

  1. Jayne hill says:

    Nice find Daisy. Well done.xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is a really good find well done to you

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