Baby Badger Bones

These are my baby badger bones. I had gone out on a walk with my family and found a dead baby badger on the path not far from a badger set, it had been dead for a while as it was smelly. We emptied out are bag and got some dock leaves to put in the bottom and then put the baby badger in.

When I got home I put the badger on the ground and put a crate over it and left the flies to do the job.
After it had decomposed I dug up all the bones and cleaned them in hot soapy water. Then I bought some hydrogen peroxide bleach from the chemist and put the bones into it. This bleaches the bones so they go whiter.

It is really interesting looking at the bones of my badger, some of the bones haven’t fused together, this is because it’s only a baby badger and is still growing.
I didn’t get all the bones this time, some of them got lost in the soil, so another time I am going to put a metal mesh underneath the animal, then put a crate over the top.


One thought on “Baby Badger Bones

  1. Jayne hill says:

    Brilliant daisy. A 3D jigsaw puzzle!! Well done a great way to learn about the skeleton and how animals move.xx

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