Blue Peter 12th June 2013

On the 12th June 2013 Blue Peter came round my house to film me. I got to meet David, he was the director and camera man, Lauren she was the film researcher, Nigel he was the sound man, and Barney the presenter, they were all really nice and friendly.

First David filmed me walking up stairs and going into my bedroom then looking at my collection, then he filmed me on my bed looking at my soft toy dinosaurs. When we had finished filming that, I asked Barney if he would like to see my collection of fossils, skulls and natural history things. We talked about my collection and he told about some of the brilliant things he had seen. That is when mum took a picture of me and Barney.

Then we drove to Shepherds Chine to do the interview on the beach where I found my fossil. We had a break at lunch time, we all went to the 7 Cafe in Brighstone, my lunch was delicious. We then drove to Brook Chine beach to do some more filming, when we were down the beach I found a Ballan Wrasse head, which I am going to clean up so I can have the skull.

The weather was horrible, but it was good, as you can find more fossils because they get washed out the cliffs. I had great fun filming and looking for fossils with Blue Peter. We finished at about 4.15pm then Barney gave me my Blue Peter badge, we all said goodbye and went home.

I am going to be on Blue Peter on Thursday 20th June 2013 at 5.30 on CBBC channel.

A Ballan Wrasse is a fish which can be 50cm long, it is our most colourful Wrasse, it is found inshore on rocky coasts. The adult has a thickest body and a long dorsal fin of all the Wrasse. It’s colour is marbled reddish brown or green.


One thought on “Blue Peter 12th June 2013

  1. Jayne hill says:

    It is sooo cool to have a friend with a blue Peter badge. Really proud of you.xx

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