Taxidermy Avocet

These are some pictures of my avocet. I got the avocet for Christmas, it is an old one about 1920’s, it was originally in a case, but the case had been broken so the person who had it just sold the bird.

An avocet is a bird that lives in the uk on the south coast in summer and winter.
It is 42-46cm tall, wingspan is 67-77cm, lifespan is 10-15 years.
Nesting, scape on low islands or dry mud, bare or lined with grass and shell fragment, they lay 3-4 eggs, and have 1 brood, april-july.
They feed on tiny shrimps and marine worms by sweeping their curved bill sideways through the water.


2 thoughts on “Taxidermy Avocet

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  2. Poppy morris says:

    i am really proud of Daisy and all her bones.I especially like her pike head,i find it really cool on the amount of teeth it has.

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