Me meeting Martin from Newsround

On Wednesday 29th May I went to the beach to do some filming for Newsround. I met Martin who is the presenter and Rowan, she was the camera lady, they were both really nice and friendly. They filmed a bit at the top of the beach and then we walked down the beach to see what we could find. Rowan filmed us looking for things and Martin Simpson showed us the trace fossils of some dinosaur footprints.

I found some fools gold, a dead black headed gull and a crab claw. The Fools Gold I found was the best I have ever found because it is pure Fools Gold (Pyrites), normally I find it stuck to some fossilized wood.

Then we walked back and Martin the presenter interviewed me and my sister Poppy. We had a great time, the film is going to be on Newsround in July and the interview with me and Poppy is going to be on Newsrounds web page.


Taxidermy Avocet

These are some pictures of my avocet. I got the avocet for Christmas, it is an old one about 1920’s, it was originally in a case, but the case had been broken so the person who had it just sold the bird.

An avocet is a bird that lives in the uk on the south coast in summer and winter.
It is 42-46cm tall, wingspan is 67-77cm, lifespan is 10-15 years.
Nesting, scape on low islands or dry mud, bare or lined with grass and shell fragment, they lay 3-4 eggs, and have 1 brood, april-july.
They feed on tiny shrimps and marine worms by sweeping their curved bill sideways through the water.

Tortoise shell

I got the tortoise shell from a friend, it was her pet tortoise that had died a long time ago. We took it home and I cleaned it up because it was covered in cobwebs and dust. The outer plates have fallen off because the tortoise shell is very old. But if you are careful you can put them all back on the shell.I haven’t glued them back because I like seeing the cartilage.Please click on the photos to see them closer.

Welcome to my Webpage


My name is Daisy Morris and I live on the Isle of Wight. This is my new website to show you all the things I’ve found on the Island.

I’ll be posting lots more about my finds so please keep checking back.